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XLR8R+ is a monthly subscription service supporting XLR8R and independent music and culture.

For those looking to attend XLR8R+ parties: if you're already using Bandcamp, hit subscribe and it will only be a few clicks. If you're new to Bandcamp, hit subscribe, follow the instructions, confirm your email, and confirm the subscription on Bandcamp when directed back to this page (you will not be double charged).

For DeWalta this weekend in LA, that's all you need to do. All members will be emailed a DTLA address on the day of the event.

For London with Oner Özer, RSVP with your name and "XLR8R London" to

For any questions, email 

More info on what a subscription gets you:

A subscription gets you three exclusive tracks from three different producers every month—sometimes more—plus a PDF zine with exclusive content, wallpaper artwork from a new featured visual artist, and other goodies such as sample packs, free event tickets, vinyl giveaways, and more.

What you’ll get upon sign up:

- The back catalog as high-quality downloads, including over 40 tracks and every zine, sample pack, and artwork we’ve released.
- Unlimited streaming of the back catalog via Bandcamp’s mobile app (you can also stream any track that you purchase from Bandcamp). 
- Free event passes and discounts.
- Exclusive access to the XLR8R+ member community—here we will post updates, exclusive mixes, content, and more.
- Every XLR8R+ edition moving forward.

It's no secret that the landscape for digital publishers has become extremely difficult over recent years. A transition from traditional advertising to sponsored content has driven many media outlets to sell editorial to advertisers in an effort to survive. The music industry needs independent voices; outlets for opinion, analysis, news, and quality music untainted by the influence of advertisers. Paid content is not journalism. It is only with your support that we can shine a light on those labels, distributors, and artists who deserve it rather than those who can afford it.

Without your support, independent platforms like XLR8R, The Quietus, NPR/KCRW, and The Guardian will cease to exist, leaving behind bland, paid-for content. For the price of a coffee a month, you can help keep independent culture alive.

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